Consumers expect personalized experiences with brands.

Two in five Gen Z consumers say they would stop visiting a website if it didn’t cater to their needs, likes or wants. And nearly three-quarters of consumers overall expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make recommendations -- even before they make contact.

Adding complexity are new and emerging privacy laws that make it more difficult for marketers to obtain and use first- and third-party data for personalization. Also, rapidly changing technologies and channels require brands to stay extremely agile.

We help marketers future-proof their approach.

Data collection and use

Data collection and use

To stay competitive, brands need to explore alternatives to traditional data sources; specifically, those built from direct interactions with consumers. Using zero-party or declared data is not only more accurate, you have explicit permission to use it.

Agility and flexibility

Agility and flexibility

Technology and consumer preferences change so fast, it's critical that your marketing platform can keep up. Our plug-and-play, component-based marketing solutions support omni-channel strategies to make it easy for marketers to adapt on the fly.

Marketing in-the-moment & 1:1

Marketing in-the-moment & 1:1

To deliver immersive experiences at the right time, to the right audience, on the right channel, marketers need solutions that work seamlessly together and with other backend systems to harness the power of data.

Dreaming Big

"Rêve" means "dream." We dream big here, thinking about the future of martech and the customer experience. We take a fresh look at how we market to consumers today and how new technologies and data can change the game. We say our solutions are “built to fit and built to last.” That means our solutions are architected to be customizable and to fit-in and yet not be built ground up. We expect our clients to use our solutions over the long term, changing and building upon them as needed and seamlessly integrating them with databases and other core technology platforms, including CRM, CDP, CMS and marketing automation systems.


Rêve Marketing was born out of leading social marketing technology provider, SocialTwist, which was founded in 2008. Rêve Marketing’s parent company, Pramati Technologies, is a global software incubator and provider with more than two decades of experience delivering technology products and consulting services.

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