Digital promotions like photo contests, testimonial campaigns, videos, hashtag campaigns and social coupons and rebates are a great way to drive awareness and educate consumers, give brands social context and make sharing fun and compelling. They’re also an opportunity to ask about customer preferences and feedback, and capture declared data that can be used for more accurate personalization.

Increase stickiness, boost acquisition

Generate brand awareness

Grow email/CRM database

Gather data directly from consumer

UGC Campaigns

Create buzz around #hashtag campaigns by encouraging user‐generated content (UGC) and rewarding consumers with fun experiences and offers. Our intuitive, mobile-friendly campaign UI allows consumers to easily register, make #hashtag posts on Instagram or Twitter, and receive rewards such as coupons, sweepstakes entries or redeemable points. Our solution integrates social platforms, brand websites and CRM loyalty data, and enables analytics and tracking.

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Interactive Video Campaigns

Take a new or existing video and turn it into something consumers can engage with by adding interactive elements such as multiple choice questions, votes, typed text input, click specific objects in the video, and more. Educate consumers with an awareness campaign, adapt the video viewing based on user input, elicit consumer feedback at various points in the video, incentivize actions, or create a gamified experience.

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Question-based Campaigns

Increase engagement and time spent on your sites by asking visitors what they think and rewarding them for responding. Make it fun with quizzes, polls or surveys they can share with friends on social media or via email and challenge them to compete. Or, ask for customer feedback on products, services, events and more that you can use to personalize experiences and help guide product development and future marketing campaigns.

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AI-based Campaigns

Develop and run campaigns that use AI to help find products in images, scan receipts and documents, recognize faces in pictures, or categorize photos based on content. Embed this functionality into existing campaigns or build new campaigns around it.

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Chance-based Campaigns

Deliver spot surprise rewards that give consumers a chance to win based on their actions. Choose from sweepstakes, scratch-and-win, mystery box and other campaign types to create an element of serendipity.

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Social Couponing

Get more value from your coupon program with amplified distribution of digital coupons via social media networks, mobile and email. Motivate consumers to earn rewards, increase product awareness and trial, and support shopper marketing programs with digital coupons that can be printed at home or loaded directly onto loyalty cards.

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Photo Popularity Contests

Boost fan engagement by encouraging consumers to upload photos to your site and vote on their favorites for a chance to win. Identify brand evangelizers and leverage user-generated content (UGC) to add another dimension to your marketing programs.

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Testimonial Campaigns

Build customer goodwill and trust by giving consumers an avenue to give feedback and express their love for your brand. Consumers can write and share their testimonials for rewards such as coupons, rewards points or sweepstakes entries, and approved testimonials are automatically updated on your website.

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Custom Digital Promotions

The sky’s the limit. The component‐based structure of our solutions means that a customized digital promotion that meets your specific goals and criteria can be up and running in no time, with little or no IT integration needed.

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Digital Promotions

Simplified deployment, quick results & deep analytics

  • Powerful interactions that support any type of campaign
  • Incentivization via gift cards, store credit, badges, and more
  • Built-in fraud and spam prevention
  • Opt-ins and captured data can be transferred to CRM/CDP
  • Integration of advanced technologies like AI and RPA for automation
  • Deep analytics to track video views, social shares, receipt scans, etc
  • Compliant with promotion standards and regulations
  • Embeddable in any webpage, mobile app, chatbot or customer touchpoint

Reve Marketing's technical expertise, strong partnership and creativity helped us launch our first-ever Facebook profile-swapping campaign to raise awareness and funds in support of refugees across the globe. This program – which is groundbreaking for us – is more engaging and technologically advanced than other marketing campaigns we've done in the past. Reve's vision, collaboration and thorough execution not only helped deliver a successful microsite, but optimized it as well, thanks to the technology's robust analytics.

Elizabeth Roscoe, Executive Director

Western Union Foundation

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