Effective customer loyalty programs go beyond deals and promotions with personalized and useful content that connects and earns consumer trust, and two-way interactions to understand preferences. Smart companies then use that data to feed complex calculations for loyalty tiers and reward points. Such programs can be applied to incentivize specific audiences, including customers, internal sales teams and business partners. Flexible components make it easy to enhance an existing customer portal, transforming it into a more valuable loyalty site.

Make sites more engaging and personalized

Earn trust and increase customer lifetime value (CLTV)

Build a complete loyalty program or enhance an existing one

Referrals & testimonials

Empower users to refer your products to friends and family to generate new leads. Customers can write reviews and testimonials, which on approval, can be automatically published on the brand website.

Engagement campaigns

Serve up quizzes, polls, trivia questions and chance-based campaigns that not only engage program members, but also provide opportunities to ask about preferences, intent, for feedback and to increase stickiness.


Enable members to view rewards points in their accounts and redeem them for prizes, coupons, gift cards, badges and more.

Streamlined implementation, customizable experiences

  • User-friendly social login for members
  • Augments existing user profiles with loyalty details
  • Personalizable content, campaigns and offers
  • Complex rules engine to award points and determine tiers
  • Analytics to track engagement actions, points distribution and redemption patterns
  • Data integration with billing, CRM and existing systems

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