Social media and word-of-mouth referrals and promotions not only influence purchase decisions and convert new customers, but can be an important source of customer insights. Does a customer have high affinity for your brand? Are they a key influencer? Understanding customers' social connections and the recommendations they make adds rich data to customer profiles.

Generate new leads by activating customers

Cultivate customer good will with rewards

Learn about and nurture your best advocates

Social Referrals

Activate existing customers to influence their social networks to purchase or try your product/service. Or, drive membership by motivating members/subscribers to refer others. Our solution easily scales to become a standard part of the customer experience for multiple audiences.

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Employee Referrals

Encourage employees to distribute exclusive, time-based offers through their social networks to acquire new customers, boost sales or find qualified job applicants. Then reward and recognize your most influential brand evangelizers to drive employee goodwill.

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Cause Marketing

Amplify awareness of cause‐oriented programs by tapping the social networks of consumers who identify with specific causes. Our solution can add a social element to existing cause marketing programs or you can create stand-alone programs to increase cause awareness.

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Easy implementation & built-in compliant data collection

  • Capture data about your brand's best evangelizers
  • Out‐of‐the‐box reward options and fulfillment
  • Automatic reward logic Fraud and spam prevention
  • Media performance, program tracking & advanced analytics
  • Compliant with promotion standards and privacy regulations
  • Little or no IT integration

Reve Marketing was the ideal partner for us during this crucial holiday season. Not only did they customize a program exactly to our specifications, the entire process was painless. And, best of all, the program increased sales of our text books by more than 10%.

Charles Dupin de Saint Cyr

Barnes & Noble

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